Admissions Process


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Please refer below to the steps in our admissions process. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application forms, please contact us.

Step 1
Application and Interview

Please complete the application form, declaration of understanding, family recommendation form and checklist items. Prior to delivering the documentation, please schedule an appointment with the Head of Admissions in our main campus in Zona Norte.  Plan to spend 30 minutes to meet with the head of Admissions when submitting the documentation.

Academic Recommendation and Records

The appropriate Homeroom, Math and English recommendation forms must be downloaded from our website. Please find below detailed information on these requisites. These forms must be included on the application forms, along with transcript and test records, in the school’s official envelope.

Academic Recommendation Requisites:

Homeroom Teacher Recommendation: 1st – 6th grade

Math Teacher Recommendation: 7th – 12th grade

English Teacher Recommendation: 7th – 12th grade

Step 2
Family Notification

The Admissions Committee will determine the admission of a family to the COJOWA school community. COJOWA has established a policy that gives sole discretion for determining admission to the Admissions Committee. This policy states that COJOWA, under no circumstances will expose the reason(s) which caused the admission to be denied.

Step 3 
Academic Evaluation

The Admissions office will send the applicant a notification on their assigned academic evaluation and family interview date.

The academic evaluations for prospective students applying to 1st – 12th grade will be held at the Zona Norte Campus. The academic evaluation for Pre-Kinder and Kinder will be held at the Preschool campus. The family interview will be held with an external counselor.

Step 4 
Admissions Response

Student and families will be notified between May - June.

Waiting List

Students with no space on their grade level will be placed on a Waiting List and will be notified if any spaces become available during the school year. Please note that this does not guarantee a space for the next school year.

Admissions Application Forms:

For further information regarding the admissions process or to set up an appointment, please send an email to stating candidate´s name, dates of birth, current school, grade level and nationality.

COJOWA Admissions Philosophy and Procedures (Click to view the file /Click para ver archivo)