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The George Washington School is a non-profit institution belonging to parents and managed by the Parents Association and School Board. It was created to offer an integrated bilingual primary, middle, and high school education to students from Colombia, the United States and other countries.

It intends to meet the needs of the educational community, offering them an education supported by the pedagogical system of the United States of America, through agreement with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Colombian Ministry of Education, such that their students can continue their studies in any university in United States, Colombia, or other countries.

It directs its educational goals to the development of personal and social values of the students, instructing them to be:

  • Autonomous, independent and original people, with their own criteria.
  • Capable of learning by themselves, research, analyze and evaluate information; using knowledge in a productive and creative way.
  • Capable of understanding social problems and of proposing new solutions.
  • Prepared to face, with talent and confidence, the future of their community with respect to its economic, cultural, and political aspects.
  • People with their own identity and with respect for themselves and cultural diversity.
  • Solid physical, socio-ethical, and intellectual equilibrium enjoying harmonic interaction with nature.
  • Capable of rapidly adjusting themselves to the unpredictable future.

The George Washington School bases its educational task on the concept that a man builds the plenitude of its being on the harmonic development of his human dimensions; constantly renewing his potentialities through the use of freedom with responsibility and progressive social action.

Consequentially, it offers a complete, integrating education based on the exercise of ‘responsible freedom’, which supports the harmonic and balanced development of all human dimensions, and the full development of one’s capabilities in views of his own fulfillment and that of the society that surrounds him/her.