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Elementary Student Council (STUCO)

The main goal of having elementary student council is to give our younger students the opportunity to begin learning democratic and school government concepts, and at the same time learn personal and social values. “Traditional school spirit is measured by class competitions, pep rallies, and attendance at athletic events. True school spirit is much more than that and has its basis in a school that recognizes each student as a member of the school community”. * (*Rocco Marano, Director of NASC, NHS, AND NJHS)
* To meet our general goal we expect Stuco to:

1. Encourage values and socio-ethical principals based on our school philosophy, vision and mission.
2. Motivate the elementary students to take care of the school property, keep our school clean and pretty, specially NO MARKING OR WRITING ON DESK AND TABLES.
3. Help our children to understand what it means to be a COJOWA students, example: it means to be respectful, polite, caring, honest, etc.
4. Develop school spirit and Sense of belonging
Objectives for the stuco members: Give the stuco-members the opportunity to benefit from the following:
1. To take on roles as leaders within their division / classes
2. To gain valuable experience following the rules of an organized meeting (Robert’s Rules of Order)
3. To inform of an discuss various events/problems, ideas, etc. on a class by class basis
4. To develop the sense of belonging and responsibility that goes with their elected positions
5. To plan spirit activities, games, etc. for the elementary division
6. To identify problems, suggest solutions and plan accordingly
7. As leaders help Ms. Xiomi (religion teacher) to promote the Food Drive every month.
8. Learn about conflict resolution and acting as mediators, promoting harmonious atmosphere during recess time.
9. Plan many ways as possible for all elementary students to become involved and thereby develop positive feelings about themselves and about their school.
There should be a weekly meeting. The elementary office and the parents of stuco students will be informed of the designated day, time and place of the meetings.
Competitions is not welcome at the elementary level. Please make sure not to promote activities where there is only one winner. It is better to have competitions where a group of students are winners.
The activities need to be approved by the elementary Principal. A Copy of the schedule, agenda and projects, campaigns etc. will be on file in the Elementary Office.
* It is recommended to work on:
1. English Campaign.
2. Good Eating Habits Campaign.
3. Taking good care of the cafeteria and Bathrooms Campaign.
4. Best Bulletin Board Contest.
5. Respect and show best COJOWA attitude Campaign.
6. Bulletin Board and best organized classroom Contest.
7. Recess Contest: Jump-rope, playing Jacks, little car race etc.
8. Ecological Campaign.
9. Musical Chair (at recess) and Cake Walk at recess, to collect money to buy games etc.