Student Profile


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The following identifies the George Washington School Student:

1. Thinking Skills.

  1. Analyzes, understands, and uses information creatively in order to solve real problems for his/her surroundings and the community’s.
  2. Acquires interest in technological and scientific advances, develops an investigative attitude.

2. Critical Thinking Skills.

  1. Researches and uses problem-solving processes in all fields to select information, critically analyze it, and make pertinent decisions.

3. Communication Skills.

  1. Utilizes modern codes and means of communication in a comprehensive and efficient manner.
  2. Competently communicates in English and Spanish.
  3. Establishes consistent relationships between language and culture.

4. Commitments towards the community.

  1. Contributes to the community through a solid spirit of service, cooperation, and participation.

5. Abilities to establish social relationships.

  1. Acts on principles respecting the rights and dignity of others.
  2. Shows a healthy self-esteem.
  3. Aims for high yet realistic personal goals, and achieves them.
  4. Constantly shows self-control and discipline.

6. Skills to establish relationships with the universal culture.

  1. Uses previous knowledge to explain present times, and projects his/her knowledge into the future.
  2. Understands interrelationships among different cultures and societies, acts accordingly to their specific situations.
  3. Interacts with other cultures, relating to them in a critical and creative manner, based on his/her own identity and cultural values.

7. Abilities to act ethically.

  1. Comprehends the importance of each one of his/her actions and acts responsibly in accordance with the principles of social ethics.

8. Abilities to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

  1. Practices personal plans for physical development, mental preservation, spiritual and environmental health, with solid and confident criteria.

9. Abilities for artistic appreciation and production.

  1. Values art and develops artistic abilities, making his imagination, creativity, and aesthetic enjoyment stronger.
  2. Respects and values manifestations of his own and universal culture.