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High School

Welcome to the High School at COJOWA!

Our four-year high school program features both a US and Colombian curriculum. A stellar team of teachers from Colombia and North America work with our students in the core subjects and also through a varied set of academic and non-academic elective options. COJOWA’s High School builds upon the Middle School’s skills-based approach to learning that challenges students to think critically, to solve problems individually and together, and to engage in real-world, meaningful projects and problems. Through these daily activities and challenges–which increasingly center upon project-based learning opportunities– students are prepared as learners and thinkers to succeed on the Prueba Saber exams and to thrive in future educational settings and in the United States, Canada, and Europe. They are also prepared to become life-long problem-solvers ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges with an education based in values.

A typical high school day at COJOWA features six class periods, as well as time each day for students to meet individually or in small groups with their teachers. During an extended lunch period, teachers are available during set office hours, and clubs and activities flourish. These clubs range from student government, National Honor Society, Model United Nations, and service offerings such as Interact (a US-based service organization), a home-grown, student-centered service and environmental group. The high school program at COJOWA is designed to have students in our high school increasingly take control of their own learning as they move toward their college years.

COJOWA supports the development of reflective citizens and innovative thinkers prepared for the complexities and rapid changes that exist today and helps them to be prepared to be leaders in building a better tomorrow.




Monday to Friday




Monday to Friday

High School

9th Grade

Our classes

Course OfferingCreditsGraduation
of Instruction
On Level/College Prep Courses
Math 9 Geometry1.0MathEnglish
Biology 91.0ScienceEnglish
English 91.0EnglishEnglish
World History 91.0Sociales/SSEnglish
Spanish 91.0SpanishSpanish
Sociales 90.5Sociales/SSSpanish
Advanced Placement Courses
PreAP Math 9 Geometry1.1MathEnglish
PreAP Biology 91.1ScienceEnglish
AP Spanish Lang/Culture1.1SpanishSpanish

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10th Grade

Our classes

Course OfferingCreditsGraduation
of Instruction
On Level/College Prep Courses
Math 10 Algebra II1.0MathEnglish
Chemistry 101.0ScienceEnglish
English 101.0EnglishEnglish
World History 101.0Sociales/SSEnglish
Spanish 101.0SpanishSpanish
Sociales 100.5Sociales/SSSpanish
Advanced Placement Courses
PreAP Math 10 Algebra II1.1MathEnglish
PreAP Chemistry 101.1ScienceEnglish
PreAP English 101.1EnglishEnglish
PreAP Spanish Lit 101.1SpanisSpanish

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11th Grade

Our classes

Course OfferingCreditsGraduation
of Instruction
On Level/College Prep Courses
Math 11 PreCalculus1.0MathEnglish
Physics 111.0ScienceEnglish
English 111.0EnglishEnglish
World History 111.0Sociales/SSEnglish
Sociales 111.0Sociales/SSSpanish
Spanish 111.0SpanishSpanish
Advanced Placement Courses
PreAP Math 11 Pre-Calculus1.1MathEnglish
AP English Language 111.1EnglishEnglish
AP Spanish Literature 111.1SpanishSpanish
AP Seminar 111.1Academic Elective/STEMEnglish
AP Biology 11/121.1Academic Elective/STEMEnglish

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12th Grade

Our classes

Course OfferingCreditsGraduation
of Instruction
On Level/College Prep Courses
Math 12 Calculus1.0MathSpanish
Integrated Science 121.0ScienceSpanish
English 121.0EnglishEnglish
Sociales 121.0Sociales/SSSpanish
Spanish 121.0SpanishSpanish
Advanced Placement Courses
AP Math 12 Calculus1.1MathEnglish
AP Research 121.1EnglishEnglish
AP Biology 11/121.1Academic Elective/STEMEnglish

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Elective Offerings
  • Debate
  • Google Apps Level 1
  • Math Support
  • Online Programming
  • Boys Basketball Team
  • Boys Soccer Team
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Economics I
  • Economics II
  • Fine Arts
  • Girls Soccer Team
  • Girls Volleyball Team
  • Graphic Design
  • Health and First Aid
  • Music Appreciation
  • Orchestra
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Publishing Lab
  • Statistics
  • Ethics & Religion
  • AP World History
  • Advanced Robotics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Seminar
  • Astronomy
  • Contemporary World Issues
  • Google Apps Level 2
  • Historia del Cine
  • ICFES Math Prep
  • Mobile App Development
  • Model United Nations
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Philosophy I
  • Philosophy II
  • Quimica Ambiental
  • Radio Communications
  • Yearbook

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AP Program

What is the goal/purpose/benefits of the Advanced Course Program?

Advanced Placement (AP) are rigorous, college-level classes that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience that colleges recognize.

How do I sign-up for an AP Class?

Complete the AP application google form

2019 – 2020 AP classes per grade level:

9th Grade
Pre-AP Geometry
Pre-AP Biology
AP Spanish Language and Culture

10th Grade
Pre-AP Algebra II
Pre-AP Chemistry
Pre-AP English
Pre-AP Spanish Literature

11th Grade
Pre-AP Pre-Calculus
AP Biology
AP English Language
AP Spanish Literature
AP Seminar
AP World History

12th Grade
AP Calculus AB
AP Research
AP Biology

How do we assess the AP Program?

In COJOWA it is mandatory that students who are accepted in AP classes take their AP examination offered by the College Board, as their final assessment, along with additional credit approval requirements established by the College Board.

Graduation Requirements
  • Complete PSAT examination in 10th grade
  • Complete SAT examination in 11th grade – Minimum score of 1000
  • Complete Saber 11 (ICFES) Prep course in 11th and 12th grade
  • Complete Prueba Saber 11 (ICFES) – for all Colombian students
  • Complete 20 hours of community service per year from 9th-12th
    grade (Total 80 hours)
  • Pass all subjects with a minimum grade of 70
  • Maintain a 90% attendance to all classes
  • Complete Career Internship during Senior year (minimum three workdays)
Credit Requirements for Graduation 9th – 12th Grade
Social Studies/
Sociales de Colombia
Academic Electives2.5Art/Music0.25
Career Counseling

Our counseling team guides students starting in grade 9 to get ready for college and select their major and help them through the university application process. They hold group and individual meetings with students for the career planning process. As students move through High School, college and career planning increases. Counselors support and guide students, but each student and the family are responsible for the final application and enrollment to university.

Student support includes organizing college visits on and off campus, vocational tests, university search to find the “right fit”, standardized test requirements, online applications, workshops, and alumni visits, among others.

Academic Coaching Center

We believe that all students deserve a quality education and opportunity to reach their potential. We know that some students will need support and specialized instruction to reach their academic goals. The Academic Coaching Center works with teachers and parents to support students that have an educational need.

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Bell Schedule

Class Schedule

Period 17:45-8:35Period 17:45-8:35
Period 28:40-9:30Period 28:40-9:30
Snack9:35-10:10Period 39:35-10:25
Period 310:15-11:05X-Block10:30-11:00
Period 411:10-12:00Snack11:05-11:25
Period 512:05-12:55Period 511:30-12:20
Lunch1:00-1:50Period 612:25-1:15
Period 61:55-2:45Early Dismissal Day

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