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Understanding team activities, as the unity of several participants in a group that practices a discipline/activity/sport to achieve a common goal, carrying out a series of practices, collaborative, cooperative and participative actions to compete with similar individuals from other schools/clubs, equally organized for the same purpose.


Basketball is a team sport that is played between two teams of 5 players each whose objective is to score a basket in the opposing team’s hoop.

It originated in the United States of America and it spread all across the world.

Basketball can be practiced starting at a young age, and one of its biggest advantages is that it can be played in outdoors courts as well as indoors courts.

Basketball provides physical benefits as: motor coordination improvements, develops higher concentration and agility in psychomotor skills, better physical resistance, provides psychological benefits since it is a team sport and as such fosters sociability and integration. The game’s dynamic teaches students-athletes to act quickly, make decisions, and solve problems, whether individual or collective, fostering autonomy, self-control, and cooperation; it also helps them feel part of a team, which strengthens ethical values.

Softball and Baseball

Softball (big ball) and baseball (small ball) are similar sports where two teams of nine players each, use a bat and ball, they must run over 3 bases and “home” to score against the opposing team. The team who scores more “runs” (points) against the other team wins. Generally there are 7 innings for softball, and 9 innings for baseball to complete a game.

Both sports offer physical and emotional benefits such as:

  • Strengthening the abdomen, legs, forearms, and wrists
  • Increasing flexibility in all body muscles
  • Boost sport practices to decrease child obesity
  • They contribute to the performance of the cardiovascular system
  • Belonging to a team strengthens values such as cooperation, camaraderie, and friendship
  • Encourages camaraderie, therefore it also encourages teamwork
  • Dinamize their social integration and interaction skills
  • Boost self-esteem, because the child will feel important and indispensable, gaining trust and confidence in his/herself

Soccer, also known as football in the UK, is a sport that’s played over a rectangular field with two goals or arches, between two teams of eleven players each, with one ball. The game’s objective is to kick the ball as many times as possible in the opposing team’s goal, this action is known as scoring a goal. The team with the most amount of goals will be the winner. Some matches can end in a draw if both teams score the same amount of goals.

Soccer offers a series of psychological and physical advantages such as, promoting moral and ethical values, encouraging a spirit of superation and sacrifice. It boosts self-esteem, develops self-control and discipline, as well as developing teamwork skills. It develops social-emotional learning and logical thinking skills, it also teaches the player about learning to lose, and tolerate frustration.

Soccer offers a series of physical benefits such as improving coordination, dextricity, utilizing the plays they’ve learnt through cooperation and teamwork, it boosts muscle mass, and stimulates gross motor skills, it aids the players to gain better control over their bodies, gain equilibrium and strength, and it improves cardio-vascular capacity.


Volleyball is a game that must be played on a court between two teams, each team must have six players. It is played by hitting a volleyball over a net. When the ball touches the floor or it lands outside the delimited lines, a point will be granted to the opposing team, as well as an opportunity for the opposing team to serve. It is an ideal sport to be practiced by many, encouraging teamwork and fun.

Volleyball is a team sport that helps develop social skills, and it invites players to interact between one another. Communication and cooperation between members is fundamental to be able to achieve their objectives and to have fun. Practice helps the players accept the final score with a positive perspective, and above all it develops an athletic spirit centered on teamwork and respect towards rivals.

Volleyball offers boys and girls a series of physical advantages, it helps strengthen the musculoskeletal system and boosts physical growth. It combines fast reaction movements with high concentration, fostering adaptation skills to sudden changes, and it improves equilibrium and control, it also increases physical resistance and jumping.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics consists of carrying-out a choreography accompanied by music, it can be an individual or group sport. It is composed of technical movements tied to rhythm, precision, skills, expressiveness, and movements fluidity. It offers physical and psychological benefits. One of the biggest physical benefits which are gained is flexibility. It strengthens all body muscles as well as laterality, equilibrium, movement coordination, and spatial orientation.

Rhythm gymnastics psychological benefits are developing musicality, sense of rhythm, it exercises short and long term memory, it develops a sense of harmony and aesthetics, as well as expressing emotion. Rhythm gymnastics offers a multitude of advantages for boys and girls, it increases concentration and self-trust. It improves the ability to surpass the goals they’ve set for themselves and to overcome shyness.

Rhythm gymnastics implies discipline and seriousness when carrying-out the corresponding exercises, and it improves bad body postures.

Dance Team

Dance Team offers the opportunity to combine the physical, intellectual, and emotional planes of a child. This activity introduces different kinds of modern dances as a clear manifestation of energy in movement, where there a connection between music and individual expression, it is a very flexible activity, which can be adapted to different groups, ages, and grade levels, developing consciousness and body awareness it also encourages self-expression.

One of the biggest advantages of the dance team is that it educates and encourages expressive movement and social communication. It becomes a means to achieve great interaction among its participants, developing knowledge, acceptance, and control of one’s body. Another advantage is that this activity helps improve elasticity, muscle tonification and self-confidence.

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